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Who We Are?

We are a label and a freelance group. We mix, master and create beats for individuals that's looking for a different sound. We understand that music is a universal language and that it's neurological. It can be a big influence in peoples lives for the good or the bad. Over the years i have seen our music go from uplifting, empowerment and connecting, to exploitation, separation to the false advertisement of a glorified lifestyle that has been killing our youth. We aim to show them the real way and tell the truth of how things are suppose to be. Love is the key to over come oppression and music is the machine to spread that love.

I would like to thank the artist who created these wonderful photos on my website. Much love to these artist. 

My Work Examples

This clip is an example of me doing a voice over and adding the sounds that you will hear throughout the whole clip from the foley footsteps , the steel shards and the ambience background.

I also customize t-shirts. I will have my own brand of southern hard head tees and will customize them for whatever state and city you want to represent. Don’t hesitate to contact me for your personalized t- shirts.